Bellissimo Cellars

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“From the very beginning, when we made wine in our garage from exquisite Santa Barbara grapes, we were smitten with the winemaking process, and a respect for nature’s process with little of man’s, well in this case woman’s, manipulation. We invite you to taste the excellence that Bellissimo Cellars offers.”
– Lora Marie Taylor, Bellissimo Cellars Owner/Winemaker
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It Begins with the Grapes

Imagine if you will, the rich rolling hills, ocean cooled valleys, and mountains of Santa Barbara County and the intense varietal character of Paso Robles vineyards that produce the most extraordinary grapes for making wine.

Benefiting from the unique micro-climates that surround Santa Barbara under the gentle touch of cooling ocean breezes alone, along with the extended growing period and rich sunshine of Paso Robles, these grapes grow and ripen to become the foundation of the Central Coast’s most sought after wines.

It is from these fertile organically or sustainably farmed fields that Bellissimo Cellars produces our unique single-vineyard designate wines for your pleasure.


The Wines of Bellissimo Cellars

At Bellissimo Cellars we believe that nature itself produces a product that is close to perfect. That’s why we don’t believe in manipulating our wines. We let the fermentation process occur naturally.

Less is More

We feel this type of natural production leads to more interesting and unique wines, and gives the wine enthusiast the opportunity to discover something truly exceptional. Our less-is-more philosophy carries over to the type of vineyards we work with, choosing to source our grapes only from organically or sustainably farmed vineyards.

The Boutique Experience

A Bellissimo Cellars wine is never mass-produced. Instead, we take an artisan approach in making less than 500 cases each vintage year of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sangiovese, and a special Rosé. For 2015 harvest, we will be adding Petite Sirah, Zinfandel, Tempranillo, and Malbec from Paso Robles to our portfolio.

“We hope you’re able to taste the love we put into each of our wines in each sip you take…that serves to draw you in to the next.”